Main Findings of the Analyze

Main Findings of the Analyze

one) Students described larger levels of intercultural competence concerning equally intercultural effectiveness and intercultural conversation consciousness immediately after completion of university research funding the programmes (which include cultural trade, summertime college and repair studying programmes). The impact was important for all three kinds of programme.

2) Participants showed far more beneficial perceptions about Mainland China and more good attitudes toward its people today after signing up for the programmes. Both summer season term and repair mastering programmes had a significant and good affect on students’ progress in this particular area.

three) The programmes promoted students’ identification while using the identity of a Chinese citizen, the perceived great importance from the identity of a Chinese citizen and like a member of your Chinese race, at the same time given that the perceived strengths of all four types of identities (like a Hong Kong citizen, a Chinese citizen, a citizen from the PRC, plus a member of your Chinese race).

4) A lot more enhancement in intercultural communication consciousness was observed in pupils with prior activities in signing up for this kind of programmes and those with larger expectations regarding the programmes boosting this developmental outcome.

five) An increased parental academic level was related with more beneficial improvements of students’ perceptions about Mainland China, significantly less improve of their self-identification as a Hong Kong citizen, and in their perceived energy and relevance of the id.

six) Pupils with no prior encounters in any short-term study-in-China programmes showed more good modifications within their id as being a citizen of the PRC, and their perceived strength and significance of this identity than people that experienced joined this sort of programmes ahead of.

seven) For the own stage, powerful internal enthusiasm, optimistic and proactive attitudes toward the programmes, and openness to new activities had been determined as significant components contributing to students’ finding out gains with the programmes.

8) On the programme level, remarkably motivational friends, dependable and proficient instructors, and large programme high-quality (with crystal clear targets, carefully-designed things to do and proper schedules) ended up perceived as facilitators to students’ helpful studying gains.

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