How you can keep the battery from the in car intercom?

How you can keep the battery from the  in car intercom?

How you can keep the battery from the in car intercom?

1. Usually do not short-circuit the battery terminals or toss the battery into fire.

2. The battery can be billed when set up to the walkie-talkie, but the walkie-talkie requirements to generally be turned off to make certain which the battery is entirely charged.

3. Seek to entirely charge to the very first thrice for 16 several hours to lessen the memory function, as well as charging time will probably be about ten hours afterwards.

4. Do not depart the walkie-talkie and battery to the charger when not charging, steady charging will shorten the battery existence.

5. Every time achievable, the battery needs to be in an indoor environment of about twenty levels Celsius. Charging in the event the temperature is decrease than 10 levels Celsius will trigger electrolyte leakage and at some point turn into a barrier battery.

6. For basic nickel-hydrogen batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. Ahead of just about every demand, you have to be certain that the battery of your walkie-talkie is totally used (that is definitely, the walkie-talkie simply cannot be transmitted typically when the PTT button is pressed). Otherwise, the walkie-talkie battery may have memory. The battery lifetime is enormously shortened.

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